Assurance Services

External financing or other contractual relationships often require the preparation of financial statements as continuing support for financial and contractual arrangements. Should our clients require such services, I can provide to following services on standard accrual or cash based financial statements;

  • Compiled financial statements and reports based solely on the representation of management;
  • Reviewed financial statements and reports where we providing limited assurance on the financial statements based on a limited number and type of procedures performed with management and on the financial information.

Often clients that are required to have compiled, reviewed or even audited financial statements don’t have the necessary staff or experience to gather the information necessary for their outside accountant to prepare such statements on their own. If our clients have such needs, I can provide the following support service to facilitate the preparation of these statements;

  • Reconciliation and adjustment of general ledger accounts;
  • Preparation of the necessary documents to support the figures on the general ledger;
  • Closing the general ledger on an annual or fiscal year basis;
  • Drafting of the financial statements to provide a basis for the external compilation, review or audit procedures.

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